Berclomin Syrup

Berclomin Syrup contains Dicycloverine Hydrochloride and Simeticone as active ingredients.
Berclomin Syrup works by relaxing the muscles and stops sudden muscle contractions; breaking up gas bubbles in the gut; it is used for Pain in the stomach or intestine, Cramps, Irritable bowel, Pressure in the digestive tract, Bloating in the digestive tract, Gas in the digestive tract and other conditions.
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Category : Prescription Medicines

System : GI CARE

Packaging : 60 ml

MOU(Unit Form) : Bottle

Manufacturer : Polipharm Co., Ltd.,Thailand


  • Dicyclomine 5mg + Simethicone 50 mg/ 5 ml


  • Relief of GI spasms
  • Gastric ulcers together with other drugs


  • Adults – 10 ml tds or qid and bed time
  • Children under 4 – 2.5 ml before meal
  • Children 4-12 years – 5 ml tds or qid