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Union for Vision Eye Care

About CSR

Since 1991, Medi Myanmar Group Ltd. was founded with the aim of raising the quality of life and healthcare standards in Myanmar. Over the years, Medi Myanmar has cultivated a culture of social responsibility at the organization. We believe that everyone at the organization, from top management to the front line staff, have a role to play in bettering the community for a sustainable future. Medi Myanmar has taken the initiative to support the community through various actions. We have provided medical assistance to the Union Enterprise for Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement, and Development (UEHRD) initiative in Rakhine, donating medical equipment and medicine to local hospitals, building clinics and monastic schools in rural areas, and dispensing free medical supplies in disaster-affected areas. Medi Myanmar also actively participates in global CSR projects with prominent brand partners from around the world.

Union for Vision Eye Care

Medi Myanmar is the exclusive distributor for L’Occitane en Provence, which is a globally renowned retailer of beauty products from France. One of Medi Myanmar’s hallmark CSR projects stems from our partnership with L’Occitane called the Union for Vision initiative. Since 2016, the Union for Vision initiative aims to gather L’Occitane partners worldwide to reach 10 million beneficiaries of eye care by 2020.

Globally, over 253 million people suffer from blindness or visual impairment but 75% of cases are avoidable. Out of the 253 million affected, 89% of these cases are found in low to medium income countries including Myanmar. In Myanmar, we have one of the highest rates of blindness in the world with 8.1% found in adults over the age of 40 and 0.9% within the whole population. Much of the visual impairment and blindness in Myanmar is also avoidable if the necessary eye care were provided. Hence, as a L’Occitane Partner, Medi Myanmar is proud to be an active participant of the Union for Vision global initiative since 2016 by bringing much needed awareness, funds, and eye care in underprivileged communities of Myanmar.

Medi Myanmar strongly believes that the eye care provided for the local community through the Union for Vision initiative can greatly improve the quality of healthcare and life in Myanmar. Our strategy is to provide free eye care through dispensing prescription glasses, providing cataract surgery, and distributing antibiotics (including eye drops) for treatment in rural areas that are extremely hard to reach. In these rural areas, underprivileged families experience a lack of medical coverage, infrastructure, and hospital facilities. We also understand that visual impairment and blindness can deter individuals from being able to work or care for their families due to their health condition. By providing eye care for the people who need it most in underprivileged communities, we believe that they can experience a new beginning. For example, when an adult is treated for his or her visual impairment, he or she can seek a job in order to find income and improve the socio-economic standing of their family. Furthermore, providing our employees with an opportunity to participate in this initiative enables them to engage with the local community for a good cause.